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How To Take Photos And Win Photo Contests

Do you have what it takes to win The Soy Inc’s photo contest? Have you ever tried using your photography skills to win awesome prizes and delicious desserts? We hope you do! Grab your camera and get creative with your shots! All you have to do is follow the mechanics of our contest and take good photos!  Like any photo contest, we will be choosing the most creative and eye-catching photos from our valued customers! But do not be pressured, in this article we will be sharing a few tips on how to take great photos. This is a great...

Soy Calories and Nutritional Facts

In your daily diet, if you’re particular of the food you eat, you usually take note of your calorie intake and the nutrition that goes along with it. Counting your calorie intake is a way to lose weight and maintain a healthy body. This tells you how much you should adjust your diet. For those trying to lose weight, recording your food intake and physical activity are very effective ways.   Additionally, consuming soy has the nutrition you need in your body to stay fit and active. It has protein, fiber, calcium, magnesium, iron, amino acids that are beneficial to your body....

Is Drinking Soy Milk Safe During Pregnancy?

One of the common questions expecting parents to ask themselves when they are pregnant is, “Is my baby receiving all the needed nutrients?” A mother’s diet is crucial at this moment and it’s no wonder expecting parents are having a lot of fuss during pregnancy. A mother should have a healthy and well-balanced diet for optimal fetus development. One of the most important nutrients a mother should consume at this time is Calcium. You will come across plenty of options in choosing milk for the development of your baby and this is where people have to contradict opinions on soy...

Which is better: Almond Milk vs. Cow Milk vs. Soy Milk

It is wonderful to know that there are many kinds of milk for you to choose from. There is milk that came from nuts like Almond. Milk came from beans like soy milk and milk that came from animals like cow’s milk.  In this article, you will learn about the differences and health benefits of each milk to help you choose which one you should get.   Differences between Almond Milk, Cow Milk and Soy Milk Almond Milk Almond milk is one of the plant-based alternatives to cow’s milk. Though almond milk is indeed a healthy beverage, it still lacks...

Is Soy Milk Beneficial For Weight Loss?

Soy milk has been a traditional part of the Asian diet for thousands of years. It offers culinary diversity, creamy texture, and a healthy nutritional profile. It is a popular substitute for dairy milk by individuals who are vegan or lactose intolerant, while others may consume it for environmental reasons.  But is soy milk beneficial for weight loss? Let’s find out.   Nutritional Content of Soy Milk   A cup serving of a generic unsweetened commercial nutrient-fortified brand of soy milk can provide       Soy milk is basically the epitome of “small but terrible” in a good and...