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Is It Good To Drink Soy Milk Everyday?

The choices for non-dairy milk have been growing over the years. Yet, the original plant-based alternative, soy milk is still the top choice for many. You may be wondering how it stacks up against other popular picks like almond and oat and whether or not it’s safe for consumption. Here’s what you need to know about soy milk. 

Recipes To Make Soy Pudding Taste Better

Soy pudding has been around since the old days. It is usually enjoyed as a snack or dessert by families in Asian countries. It is known for its many health benefits and its distinct taste. Due to its popularity, soy pudding is now readily available in grocery stores all over the world. Soy can be cooked in numerous ways. It can be prepared as a viand, paired up with rice, soup, and many more. But the most popular is enjoying it as a dessert. Soy pudding or soybean curd is a healthy and nutritious sweet snack loved by many. What...

How To Make Soy Milk Taste Better

Soy milk is a beverage widely consumed as a traditional drink by the people in east Asian countries. It has been part of their diet for many generations. Because of soy’s popularity in having health benefits for the body, it is now famous among western countries as well. Soy milk is known for being an alternative for dairy milk and other substitutes for dairy products. Lactose intolerant individuals can now enjoy milk without the side effects of dairy. Soy, along with other plant-based drinks like almond milk, rice milk, and oat milk has been readily available in markets and grocery...

How To Take Photos And Win Photo Contests

Do you have what it takes to win The Soy Inc’s photo contest? Have you ever tried using your photography skills to win awesome prizes and delicious desserts? We hope you do! Grab your camera and get creative with your shots! All you have to do is follow the mechanics of our contest and take good photos!  Like any photo contest, we will be choosing the most creative and eye-catching photos from our valued customers! But do not be pressured, in this article we will be sharing a few tips on how to take great photos. This is a great...

Soy Calories And Nutritional Facts

In your daily diet, if you’re particular of the food you eat, you usually take note of your calorie intake and the nutrition that goes along with it. Counting your calorie intake is a way to lose weight and maintain a healthy body. This tells you how much you should adjust your diet. For those trying to lose weight, recording your food intake and physical activity are very effective ways.   Additionally, consuming soy has the nutrition you need in your body to stay fit and active. It has protein, fiber, calcium, magnesium, iron, amino acids that are beneficial to your body....