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Is Drinking Soy Milk Safe During Pregnancy?

One of the common questions expecting parents to ask themselves when they are pregnant is, “Is my baby receiving all the needed nutrients?”
A mother’s diet is crucial at this moment and it’s no wonder expecting parents are having a lot of fuss during pregnancy. A mother should have a healthy and well-balanced diet for optimal fetus development.

One of the most important nutrients a mother should consume at this time is Calcium. You will come across plenty of options in choosing milk for the development of your baby and this is where people have to contradict opinions on soy milk.
Soy Milk, also known as soya milk, is a plant-based drink derived from soybeans. It produces high protein and has vital amino acids. But the question still persists, is soy milk safe to be consumed by pregnant women?

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Advantages of Drinking Soy Milk During Pregnancy

A Great Source for Protein

Soy milk contains nine vital amino acids which are the best source for protein. If you’re not getting enough protein in your daily diet, you can supply it by drinking a serving of soy milk. Also for vegetarian moms, one can consume soy milk instead since it’s a plant-based product.  

Aids Development of the Baby’s Nervous System

Most pregnant women are advised to take folic acid supplements during pregnancy. A safer and healthier approach would be consuming soy milk since it's a natural source of folic acid. Folic acid is known to help the development of a baby’s nervous system.   

Soy Milk Contains Lots of Vitamins

Soy milk is rich in vitamins that are needed most in pregnancy. These vitamins are A, B1, and E which helps pregnant women and the fetus to be healthy all throughout the pregnancy.  

Maintains the Energy of the Pregnant Women

Being pregnant is quite exhausting, that’s why energy should be maintained at a high level for a healthy pregnancy. Soy milk is known to be a healthy alternative for its high carbohydrate content. Consuming soy milk to maintain high energy levels is the key to a healthy pregnancy.  

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Risks of Having Too Much Soy Milk in Pregnancy

It may Cause Migraines

Consuming high amounts of soy milk in your diet leads to high isoflavones. This results in migraines in pregnant women. There have been no conclusive studies yet but some studies show that high isoflavones may lead to tumors and birth defects in babies. 

It may Cause Allergies

Some pregnant women may develop allergies during pregnancy. They may develop allergic reactions to soy milk that may lead to rashes, vomiting and inflammation but these are just the worst-case scenarios. 

Blocks Nutrient Consumption

Soy milk contains phytic acids that help reduce the absorption of harmful heavy metals such as mercury and lead but increased intake of soy milk may lead to blocking essential nutrients - calcium, iron and zinc - absorption in the body. 

Conclusion: Everything is in Moderation

Consuming soy milk has a lot of benefits and having a high intake of it may lead to side effects. Soy Milk is rich in essential nutrients and vitamins that help in your pregnancy but as always, everything should be taken in moderation. If you’re not allergic to soybean, a glass or two is good for your daily diet. If you want to make sure of your dosage, it is best to consult your doctor before consuming soy milk while you’re pregnant.

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