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How To Make Soy Milk Taste Better

Soy milk is a beverage widely consumed as a traditional drink by the people in east Asian countries. It has been part of their diet for many generations. Because of soy’s popularity in having health benefits for the body, it is now famous among western countries as well. Soy milk is known for being an alternative for dairy milk and other substitutes for dairy products. Lactose intolerant individuals can now enjoy milk without the side effects of dairy. Soy, along with other plant-based drinks like almond milk, rice milk, and oat milk has been readily available in markets and grocery stores worldwide. Health-conscious individuals usually opt for soy milk since it is the closest substitute to dairy milk when it comes to vitamins and nutrients. Soy milk gives you the complete protein package, essential amino acids, and the vitamins and nutrients needed for the body. 

But despite soy’s outstanding health benefits, drinking soy milk as it is is not the most delectable food drink. Some would not prefer the strong beany taste of soy milk. Some would even say that soy milk tastes bitter. But you could actually spice things up with soy milk. You could explore and find different flavors that would appease your taste buds. You can add a variety of flavor flavors, like chocolate, vanilla, and so much more. You can customize the flavor to your liking and still get the healthy benefits from soy. And there are a lot of ways to be creative with soy milk and try different combinations. 

How to make Soy milk taste better

There are countless ways to make traditional soy milk taste better. You can start by adding ingredients like vanilla, sweetener, or even chocolate. If you feel fancy and creative, you can add cinnamon and other spices that you think would complement the flavor of soy. Here are some ideas that could spice up your healthy soy drink with easy and simple steps.

Chocolate Soy Milk
  1. Heat the soy milk in a microwave or thru a pan. Make sure that the soy milk is steaming.
  2. Add cocoa powder in your soy milk and stir until there are no clumps.
  3. Add sugar or any sweetener of your choice.
Fruity Soy Milk 
  1. Put the desired amount of cold soy milk in a blender.
  2. Add any kind of fruit jam that you prefer (blueberry, orange, strawberry) You can also add frozen fruit instead of a fruit jam.
  3. Puree the contents in your blender until your desired consistency is achieved.
Matcha Soy Latte
  1. Put soy milk and honey in a saucepan in low heat. Mix well.
  2. Pour a small amount of hot soy milk into a cup with green tea powder. Whisk with fork to create froth.
  3. In the saucepan, whisk the remaining soy milk into a froth.
  4. Slowly pour the remaining soy milk into the matcha mix.
  5. Top with honey and matcha powder for garnish.
Almond Soy Milk 
  1. In a cup,  divide the proportions of soymilk and almond to your liking. This would mellow down the strong flavor of the soy milk.
  2. Add sweetener or honey.
Spiced Soy Milk
  1. Put cold soy milk in a blender.
  2. Add a small amount of turmeric or cinnamon.
  3. Add honey or any sweetener.
  4. Blend the contents together.
Consuming soy on a constant basis in order to have its health benefits and nutrients doesn't have to be a chore. There are a lot of ways to spice up your experience with soy milk and other soy foods. Soy is actually a delicious treat when made right. You would be amazed by how soy could have the potential to be an enjoyable snack. It could even be your new favorite beverage! Aside from its many health benefits, the right 

With The Soy Inc. Singapore, we provide you with delicious and healthy soy treats. With close collaboration with our chefs and food experts, we assure you that you would get quality and delicious soy treats! We have different flavor combinations and a whole lot of soy foods that you would definitely enjoy and keep you nourished too! 

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