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Is Soy Milk Beneficial For Weight Loss?

Soy milk has been a traditional part of the Asian diet for thousands of years. It offers culinary diversity, creamy texture, and a healthy nutritional profile.

It is a popular substitute for dairy milk by individuals who are vegan or lactose intolerant, while others may consume it for environmental reasons. 

But is soy milk beneficial for weight loss? Let’s find out.

Nutritional Content of Soy Milk

  A cup serving of a generic unsweetened commercial nutrient-fortified brand of soy milk can provide  
Soy Milk Calorie and Nutritional Content
Soy milk is basically the epitome of “small but terrible” in a good and healthy way!

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How Does Soy Milk Help With Weight Loss?

  It helps you build lean muscles

Soy milk has protein that helps you maintain and build your muscles. Protein found in soy is considered to be a complete protein and the only vegetable source to contain all the essential amino acids that our bodies need for general health. This makes soy milk a great muscle-building beverage.

Soy Milk has high fiber intake

Compared to dairy milk, soy milk has proven to have more carbohydrates. The rest of the soy carbohydrates are dietary fiber which increases your fiber intake. It can help maintain the feeling of fullness and speed up the transit of food through your digestive tract.   

It helps in cholesterol absorption

The monounsaturated fat in soy milk does not only prevent the increase of blood fat, but it also inhibits your intestinal fat and cholesterol absorption. Drinking soy milk lowers your actual exposure to dietary fat. You won’t ever feel guilty consuming full fat soy milk or snacks and desserts with soy milk. 

Soy Milk aids in faster metabolism

Soy milk is also loaded with fat-burning vitamins. One cup of soy milk contains riboflavin and vitamin B12 which are involved in energy production. These are also needed for fatty acid metabolism. Soy milk can help with faster metabolism because of its high fiber content. The fiber in soy milk can help in stimulating the digestive motion in the body, a motion that pushes food through the system and exits the body.  

It helps prevent obesity

Soy protein may be useful for the reduction of obesity due to its high protein content and less carb. According to reports, soya protein may slightly increase your metabolic rate, which in turn bumps up the speed in which we burn calories. The scientists found that not only was weight loss higher in people who drank soya milk rather than cows, but they particularly lost weight from around their tummies too. Higher intake of soy milk can help you burn off fat more efficiently which can be a tremendous help towards weight loss. It leads to more muscle mass and fat loss. The isoflavones in soy may also help not only to prevent obesity but also to diabetes.   

How To Choose A Healthy Soy Milk 

 Go for a brand that is unsweetened

Sweetened versions of soy milk may contain approximately 5 grams per serving. Skip the sweets! But if you’re craving for some taste, unsweetened vanilla may do the trick. 

Choose organic

Organic is kind of pricey compared to the non-organic ones but it sure is worth your health. Most soy milk on the market are fortified but read the label to make sure yours contains calcium and vitamin D.  

Buy fresh ones

Fresh ones tend to go bad faster but you can be sure that it is healthier than most of the commercially available soy milk products. Additives and preservatives make them commercially available soy milk products have a longer shelf life, but these chemicals can be harmful to your bodies compared to the fresh ones.  

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Best Food Pairings with Soy Milk


Waffles The Soy Inc Singapore

Soy milk paired with soft waffles is a complete and healthy full snack you could truly enjoy any given day. It makes you full without having that guilty feeling.

Chocolate/Cocoa Powder

Chocolate Milk Tea Puddrinks The Soy Inc Singapore
You can do wonders with chocolate and soymilk. You can make chocolate milk tea and use soy milk as base and chocolate as an additive or even bake brownies and use these ingredients. Soy milk is a great alternative to dairy milk so just mix things up and experiment!

Try out The Soy Inc Singapore's Belgium Dark Choco Puddrink to find out!

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